The quality of being outstanding or extremely good.

An outstanding feature or quality.

It’s a new year and an exciting time as we get to “start over.”  Each year, people seem to have numerous new year’s resolutions; some want to lose weight, quit smoking, make their business successful, exercise regularly, etc.  This year, my goal is to concentrate on excellence; to be the best I can be, personally and professionally, in all aspects of my life, whether sitting with a client or tending to my garden.

Excellence is not a skill.  It’s an attitude.  Since there seems to be less and less of it in the world, let this blog serve as the reminder that we can, and should, strive for excellence in our lives.  It just takes effort.

I’ve often told my teenage daughter that you receive in life what you give; you reap what you sow.  If you give a lot, it usually comes back to you multi-fold in ways you would never expect.  If you just “take” all the time, don’t expect life to continually shower you with gifts; it doesn’t seem to work that way.

Have you noticed that we all seem to make our lives more complicated than they have to be?  Or we just keep piling on the tasks because we are professional multi-taskers now, like a “Jack of all trades, but a master of none”?

Maybe part of our personal excellence can be to simplify our lives to the point where they are manageable, easier, and ultimately more enjoyable.

As with most things in our lives, I believe excellence is something you create through positive intention.  It is a mind-set of not wanting to settle for anything less than the best for yourself and from yourself.  I found this definition of excellence online.

The desire to excel is exclusive of the fact whether someone appreciates it or not.  Excellence is a drive from inside, not outside.  Excellence is not for someone else to notice but for your own satisfaction and efficiency.

Having spent much of my career talking with the elderly, I’ve come to understand that they have much to say and most of it is very wise, including regrets they have and wish they could undo.  They will be the first to admit that for them it is almost too late, but it isn’t for most of us.

Propelling yourself towards excellence requires courage, because it may mean facing things you don’t want to face.  Or sticking your neck out when others don’t.

  • Facing pain (old or new),
  • healing past wounds,
  • fixing broken relationships,
  • spending more time with our kids or elderly parents,
  • finding a hobby we really enjoy,
  • doing more for ourselves that calms our minds and offers renewal to all aspects of who we are.

It means pushing yourself to be the best at whatever it is you do, and doing it honestly, ethically, and for all the right reasons.

Time waits for none of us.  Join me in making this year …  EXCELLENT!!


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Julie Hall, The Estate Lady®, is the foremost national expert on personal property in estates, including liquidating, advising, and appraising. http://www.TheEstateLady.com  She is also the Director of American Society of Estate Liquidators®, the national educational and resource organization for estate liquidation. http://www.aselonline.com.

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  1. Thank you Julie. I so enjoy your posts. We are of like minds; I appreciate your reminders constantly.

    Beth Myers

    • Thank you so much for your kind words — it means a lot to me knowing someone is enjoying them!
      ~ Julie

  2. So well stated Julie Hall! Thank you for sharing.


    Mara S. Lazar Organizing Options of Illinois, LLC

    organizingoptionsil@gmail.com http://www.organizingoptionsil.com 847-744-5610

    • Thank you so much for your kind words — it means a lot to me knowing someone is enjoying them!
      ~ Julie

  3. well said and totally true. It’s doing your best when no one is watching. Thanks!

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