Voice of an Angel

Sometimes life surprises you with a pleasant experience you never saw coming.  If you’re a deep thinker like me, you might wonder why it happened to you and what possible purpose this experience could have on your life.

I was coming home from an estate clean out.  These are fast-paced, energy zapping days that involve selling items which can be sold, packing up the rest of the entire estate for donation, and leaving the home empty for the heirs so the house can be sold — and it all takes place within a few short days.  I was very tired and ready to return home to a hot shower.

On the way home in the car, I grumbled to myself having noticed the gas tank was on “E” and had to stop for gas.  Upon getting out of my car at the pump, every muscle let me know they were most displeased.  It seemed like it took forever to accomplish such a mundane task.  There I was, going through the motions of swiping the credit card, unscrewing the gas cap, squeezing the trigger.  If anyone could fall asleep standing up, it would be me at that moment.  Unaware of much, I just wanted to get back into the car and go home.

Then I heard something that pulled my attention away from the pain.  Over the loud music the gas station was blasting above my head, I heard a very faint, melodic sound.  I had to strain to hear it at first; it was so soft.  High pitched and perfectly in tune, I blocked out the loud music above to hone in on what apparently only I had heard.  No one else seemed to notice.  If anyone had a video camera on me, they would have thought I was nuts.  Moving my body to the left and right, going around in circles to identify where this gorgeous sound was coming from, I abandoned my car and the pumping gas to find out.

Walking a few steps to my left, there he was … a character few would ever really notice.  A young man no older than his mid-20s stood pumping gas not far from me.  He was definitely from the country, based on his clothing, but his beard was shaped rather gothic and he had earrings.  There he was just pumping gas into his car and he was singing to himself.  Never would you think this sound could come out of him.  It was an unnaturally high voice to be coming from a man, and it was other-worldly.  That’s the only way I can describe it.  having studied music for 15 years, I had never heard this sound before.

I listened for several minutes, and whatever he was singing (because it was not English), sounded like what I envisioned angels to sound like.

Sometimes I think life, in its infinite wisdom, knows when we are weary and offers us snippets of unexpected grandeur.  Was he just a young man with a special gift, or was he sent to instill a moment of joy to this tired lady and anyone else who might be listening?

I’m afraid we’ll never know.  Just one of life’s many mysteries!

©2013 The Estate Lady®

Julie Hall, The Estate Lady®, is the foremost national expert on personal property in estates, including liquidating, advising, and appraising. http://www.TheEstateLady.com  She is also the Director of American Society of Estate Liquidators®, the national educational and resource organization for estate liquidation. http://www.aselonline.com

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  1. Hi, Thanks for this “Moment in Time” about the singing man! I wonder how many of these are all around us if we’ll only look for them, as you did. In the Bible it says: “Now we look though a glass darkly…” and I think we tend to look at the dirty window instead of looking for that occasional clear speck to see the perfection, beauty, serenity, and peace that are there for us! Thank you for uplifting my day! Rick P.

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