I’ve Created a New Blog Called “In The Trenches”

I’ve just created another blog called “In the Trenches: THE Alzheimer’s Support Blog for Caregivers.”  You are welcome to join with us!  Please let your friends know about this if they need a community for Alzheimer’s caregivers.  The more people who participate, the greater the support and blessing for all.


Here’s what I wrote in the Welcome on my new blog:

I am a daughter whose parent is afflicted with Alzheimer’s.  This blog will be a blessing for many. My goal is for this to become our personal respite for those days when we’ve bitten off more than we can chew, or we can’t handle one more thing without bursting.  For those moments where the next straw will actually break the camel’s back, we just need a haven to rest a weary mind and a heavy heart.

I wanted to create this for all of you out there who need a place to just let it all hang out, myself included.  I encourage you to write in and leave comments, stay tuned, be touched, and watch our conversations flow.  You are not alone!

I don’t know who you are or where you are from, but I do know the path you are on — the same path millions of us are on.  We put so much love, compassion, time, and energy into the care and understanding of this disease that I’ve decided it’s time for us to have a place where we can be ourselves and share.

I hope and pray this finds your heart, as it did mine.  Here’s to the renewal of our spirits and solace for our souls.  God bless us all, everyone!

© 2012 Julie Hall

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  1. Yes , just got back from Mom’s house which we have to first have an estate sale then rent the house to pay for her care $4500.00 . But its worth every bit of it . Shes being well, cared for their are only 6 clients at this home . Shes only been there for 3 weeks and is on Hospice for pain management. They put her on a cocktail of Methadone Morphine and Sequeal and shes already has mild dementia . So shes been acting out and having a hard time getting use to her new home. Hospice is trying to get her medication so she is not acting out. Its been really difficult for her and difficult for us as a family to watch . It seems like she has surrendered but not sure . The hard part is having to sell all her belongings while she is still alive . I know they are only things but, they are allot of memories there. Anyway its been overwhelming the last month and looks like its going to stay the same for awhile . I just keep going I am so tired . Donna

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