How to Hire an Estate Liquidator

How to Find a Liquidator:

Check your phone book under Estate Liquidators, Apprasiers, Auctions, or Antiques

Check online – Google “Your City, Estate Liquidator”  Any professional liquidator is going to have a website these days. for nationwide assistance

Call an estate planning lawyer in your city and ask the secretary or assistant for a referral.

Questions to ask a prospective liquidator:

How long have you been in business?

Can you provide professional references for sales you have conducted?

How do you charge, by flat fee or commission?

What must I do to prepare for you to begin?

Can I remain on-site while I prepare?

Are there any additional fees?

Do you charge extra to clean up prior to the sale, as well as post-sale?

How many days will it take you to set up for the sale?

Do you price every item?

How do you keep track of what items sell for?

How many days do you hold the sale?

Can the family be present? (generally, not a good idea)

How do you handle discounts or negotiations?

May I see a copy of your contract?

How much do you charge to clean out the estate, leaving it empty?

Do you ever buy from your sales or pre-sell to dealers?

© 2011 Julie Hall

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