When Your Box Gets Too Heavy, Drop It!

My teenage daughter has recently become my teacher, and I her student.  Life has been challenging for many this past year and our family is no exception.  Many of my clients have suffered illness, loss of a loved one, and financial trouble in the last year.  With the new year here, we have a clean slate and a chance to un-do, re-do or make better than last year. 

Lately, life has been a little weird.  So much uncertainty.  Turning on the TV means risking depression and anxiety just by watching 5 minutes of the news.  When will it ever be like it “used to be?”

Not long ago, I had an emotional moment thinking of my father who has Alzheimer’s.  It all seemed to come crashing down on me.  My daughter came home from school and caught me during a mini-meltdown.  I have always believed it’s okay to let children see their parents cry.  We are not infallible, but we try to always be strong for them.  Then one day, the tables turn and they are strong for us.

Suddenly, she looked at me with the eyes and demeanor of a grown woman.  “Mom, there is no need for you to get yourself so upset.  What will be, will be, and you can’t control that.  Your box has gotten too heavy, so drop it.”

“What box?” I thought.  She went on to further explain that the box represents our lives and all the junk inside weighing the box down is the parts of it we need to let go of.  “Just drop the box, Mom.  You need to be more like me.  Let it go until you need it.  Don’t carry it around with you.  Sometimes it just gets too heavy and you can’t carry it anymore.”

And the thought occurred to me to count the blessings, not the tears.  When the box gets too heavy, I am learning to drop it and deal with something more positive.  Many boxes out there are getting heavier by the day.  Maybe you can learn from my daughter too!

© 2011 Julie Hall

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